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How to Identify your Casio Watch Model

To find the correct watch strap for your Casio watch first, identify the Casio watch Model Code as shown. This is shown on the back of your watch (see diagram below).

The watch model code is the code you will see to the right of a number in a box.

The number in the box, on the left hand side, is the watch's movement module.

The code you need in order to identify which replacement Casio watch strap you need is the one to the right of the movement module number shown highlighted in red below.

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Casio watch codes are made up from various parts as shown below:

Prefix Codes:
These letters denote the watch type for example:
AW - Analogue Water Reisitant
BG - Baby-G
CA - Calculator Alarm
DW - Digital Water Resistant
GS or G - G-Shock
GW - G-Shock WaveCeptor
TS - Temperature Sensor
PRG - Protrec Triple Sensor
PRW - Protrec Triple Sensor with WaveCeptor
WVA - WaveCeptor - European Radio Time Transmitter Reception only
WVQ - WaveCeptor - Worldwide Radio Time Transmission

Detail or Series Code
D - indicates stainless steel bracelet
T - indicates titanium bracelet
L - indicates leather watch strap
RB - Red Bull model
WC - World Cup edition

Colour Code
1 - Black
2 - Blue
3 - Green
4 - Red
5 - Brown
6 - Purple
7 - White
8 - Grey
9 - Gold

Order Numbers
A, B, C

Japanese or Export Model
J or JF - Japanese market only
V, VER, DR - Export

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